Selling Mistakes

What should you avoid? What should you do?

Deadly Mistakes A Seller Can Make


Mistakes To Avoid

  • Taking for granted the “curb appeal” of your home. When you’re preparing your house for sale, remember the importance of first impressions. Be sure to stand outside your home and take a “realistic” look at what can be done to make the curb appeal improve. Any changes to improve your curb appeal could make a huge difference in your final sales price and length of time on the market.
  • Forgetting what “you” would want to see if you were the buyer of your home. Even though all people are different, they tend to want the same when it comes to expectations in the cleanliness of a home from top to bottom.
  • Try not to be at home or at least in the home when prospective buyers come. Most buyers feel more comfortable if they can speak freely to the real estate professional and get that “touchy feely” feeling when they are in the house, but can’t if someone is there watching them.
  • Pricing your home correctly. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of selling a home is listing it at the correct price. Listing the home too high can be as bad as too low. Price within the comparatives from the start and forget the strategy that a buyer won’t pay full price and therefore you need to price it higher.

Helpful Selling Tips


Steps To Take

  • Lovable Pets! Man’s best friend may cost you a home buyer. While your pets are very dear to you, they may not appear so lovable to prospective buyers. It is wise to temporarily relocate your pets on days you have prospects visiting your home, at least outside.
  • Clean, clean, clean! Make your home really sparkle, because home buyers equate clean with well cared for homes. To help your home sell faster and easier, there are two essential areas to pay special attention to; Bathrooms and Kitchen.
  • Space, space, space! Un-clutter and create space! Clutter makes a home seem smaller and, therefore, less desirable. You want the buyer to “picture themselves” in your home and the more openness you make the better. Always make sure there is a clear walking path through every room. Closets are a great place to store items to make your home more spacious. Two essential areas; Kitchen and Family Room.
  • Knock, Knock! Your front door should make the first favorable impression. Look at it objectively. Is it faded or worn? Is the weather-stripping loose? Consider repairing or replacing it. It’s amazing what a coat of stain or paint can do.